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Why Pinnacle Community Association Management

In April of 2017, Jason Hamilton, Heather Hamilton and Amy Pacella created Pinnacle Community Association Management. Our vision was and is simple:  offer the best Community Association Management services available at a fair and competitive cost, while employing the best Community Association Managers the market has to offer.

With the basis of our operation in place in early 2017, Pinnacle acquired York Association Management in November 2017, formally beginning operations December 1, 2017.  We slowly transitioned our newest clients into the fold during December 2017.

Our ownership team has over 70 years of combined Community Association experience, operating in a variety of capacities in association support and management.

Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of Pinnacle Community Association Management is that we are locally owned and operated. With so many large management companies entering the market and headquartered outside of our area, we understand the importance of being local. In the service industry, we understand that most of what is important to our community customers is determined locally.


Local Means

  • Proximity to our communities and our CAMS
  • Responsive, experienced and local ownership
  • Quick and efficient decision making
  • Cost efficiency
  • Revenue stays in local economy

Ownership and Executive Management

Mr. Hamilton started Pinnacle Community Association Management in 2017, after 25 years in a very employee centric service industry.

Heather Hamilton headshot

Heather Hamilton

vice president

Heather Hamilton joined Pinnacle Community Association Management at its start as its focal Community Association Manager.

Rick Fathauer head shot

Rick Fathauer

vice president

Rick joined Pinnacle Community Association Management in July 2018 as a partner, shortly after the company’s acquisition of Markel Management.

Craig Smith of Pinnacle Community Association Management


vice president

Craig became a part of Pinnacle Community Association Management in October 2018. In April 2019, Mr. Smith was promoted to Vice President, Customer



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